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Thank you for visiting our website. This site will provide you with information about our approach, counselors, location, and fees. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We welcome the opportunity to discuss ways in which counseling can help you navigate your path....
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Mission Statement
At Life Force Counseling & Consulting, we believe that all people have the innate ability to thrive and succeed.  Our goal is to help you connect to the life changing force that lies within each of us. We are committed to helping you realize your potential, so you can replace pain and struggle with a sense of meaning and purpose. Using the power of perspective, our approach provides you with the opportunity to create helpful thoughts, find meaning in emotional experiences, and engage in behaviors that support optimal health and vitality.  
Life Force Counseling & Consulting
specializes in the following concerns:
Personal growth & development
Challenges of daily living & life transitions
Couples & Family counseling
Trauma & Post-traumatic stress disorder
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Gender identity & expression
Sexual orientation
Sexual difficulties
Depression & mood disorders
Addiction & substance abuse
Grief & loss
Pet loss
Wellness related needs
Stress management and relaxation training
Thermal Biofeedback training
Career exploration, development & transition
Trainings, Presentations, Workshops, & Groups
We offer a number of trainings in professional development for counselors, social workers, nurses, case managers, and other helping professionals. We also provide groups, workshops, and presentations on wellness and personal development topics.  Please contact us if you are interested receiving a list of available trainings, presentations, workshops, & groups.
Introduction to our Staff  
Our practice is staffed with fully licensed and qualified professional counselors. All of whom are trained & educated in a variety of highly effective therapeutic interventions. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of each individual, and are provided in a empowering, nurturing, and confidential environment.
Counselors at Life Force Counseling & Consulting are trained to work with adults, adolescents, children, & the geriatric population.  
Please click on the Biographies link on the left for additional information on each counselor's training & experience.
Confidential Phone and Voice mail:

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